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Wonder Woman, Wage Gaps, and Worrisome Anti-Semitic Comments

Recently, I read a comment on an Instagram picture that got me thinking about the way women support each other. The post was about how the Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, earned less for her role in the film Wonder Woman than her male co-stars. The post itself was fine, informal and important, however there was one particular comment that wasn’t. Underneath the photo, there was a comment that read: “Well she’s a Zionist so I couldn’t care less. #freePalestine.”

There are many things that are wrong with this comment. First of all, being anti-Semitic online and in general is unacceptable. Being anti – any religion is unacceptable. Also, this woman implied that she didn’t care about wage gap issues simply because the victim was a Jewish Israeli. This is a huge issue. It should be women for women, not women against women because they don’t like Israel. People can’t help where they are born, and just because Gadot is Israeli doesn’t make her any less of a good person. The wage gap is a serious issue. People need to help end it and they need to care about it, no matter who it’s affecting.

Maybe if more women helped support other women, regardless of their religion or nationality, we could get to the fights that really matter.

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