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Christain Siriano: Fashion Designer and NY Hero

Since you’re reading my blog, you probably know at least one thing about me: I love fashion.

But one thing you may not know? I dream of being fearless. Like most people, I’ve got lots of responsibilities. I work hard to be a good student, friend, and family member. I do my best to contribute to my community. And right now, I’m juggling all of that with college prep and an internship. In a world where most of us have a lot of responsibility, it’s hard to really be fearless.

So naturally, I’m fascinated by the work of Christian Siriano, who is known for not only his remarkable designs, but for being fearless in the face of fashion. He goes where other designers do not dare to go, and he takes on challenges that the fashion industry has historically been afraid of.

I’m not the only one captivated by Siriano. He is known for many things, like winning season four of Project Runway, building a high-fashion brand that is widely recognized across the fashion industry, and taking over Tim Gunn’s spot as Project Runway’s Fashion Mentor. More recently, though, took on an unexpected new title: COVID-19 mask maker.

Siriano took the internet by storm when he announced that he would halt all garment production and dedicate his time to producing masks to assist with the alarming COVID-19 pandemic. According to Siriano, he and his all-female team are producing 500-600 masks per day. He started this initiative after watching New York Governor Andrew Cuomo give a speech about how dire the need of medical supplies was earlier in the pandemic, especially in New York.

Feeling the need to help his city, Siriano tweeted that he was ready to produce masks for the masses. Shortly after that, Governor Cuomo tweeted back, taking him up on his offer. Working together, Siriano and Cuomo spread the message masks are essential, protective, and play a key role in fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Siriano’s drive to contribute to his community through mask donations is a refreshing reminder of how individuals can make a huge difference, even when its feels like a problem is swallowing us whole.

It takes time, confidence, and bravery to be fearless, and acting in the face of fear is at the forefront of Siriano’s approach. By acting, he is not only helping his community by saving lives and health, but also inspiring others to do the same.

Interested in helping? Siriano is accepting donations to assist with the production and distribution of masks here:

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