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STYLE + SUBSTANCE: How individuals & companies are using personal style to improve their communities

We’re battling a global pandemic. Add to that nationwide protests about racial inequality. Those are some really overwhelming problems. So what do we do when life feels like it has turned upside down?

Since February, we’ve been living in a reality that many of us never dreamed possible. With quarantining, mask wearing, and protests, it almost feels like we’re living in an alternate universe.

It’s annoyingly easy to get pulled down into a pit of “what if’s” and “will it ever get better?” Personally speaking, I keep getting caught up thinking, “How can I help? Is there even anything I can do to help a problem so great?”

It’s easy to feel like as individuals we’re too small to make big changes. But deep down inside, I don’t believe that’s true. That’s why I’m launching "Style + Substance." It is my way of doing more.

"Style + Substance" is a new initiative on my blog featuring individuals, groups and companies in the fashion and design community who are bringing light to people’s lives during this difficult time. These people and groups are not only dedicated to helping others, but they’re also driven by their passion for personal style and design.

Why this? And why now? Because even though we may feel very divided by a lot of big issues, we’re always better together.

And if we need to wear masks, why not do it in style?

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